Among The Dead – Theatre Exile

May 8, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Christ Church Neighborhood House

Opening Night (Two Tickets Confirmed: 4/9/2019)

Ana is a Korean American who travels to Seoul in 1975 to retrieve her recently deceased father’s ashes. Luke is a young American soldier fighting in the jungles of Myanmar in 1944. Number Four is a Korean comfort woman camping out on a bridge in Seoul in 1950, waiting for the return of the young American soldier who fathered her daughter. Three separate time periods collide in a small hotel room in Korea, mediated by a shape-shifting Jesus. Among the Dead is a dark comedy about a family broken apart by betrayed promises, and finding each other again through SPAM, journals, and Jesus. Mostly Jesus. Theatre Exile’s Producing Artistic Director Deborah Block will direct, with Barrymore Award-winning actorBi Jean Ngo playing Ana, James Kern playing Luke and Claris Park playing Number Four.