Cabaret Red Light – Plays and Players

January 8, 2010 @ 10:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Plays and Players Theater
1714 Delancey Place Philadelphia
PA 19103

Audience response and after the show interview with cast members.

Cabaret Red Light is a mix of original music, dark comedy, puppet theater and revival burlesque in the spirit of the decadent 1920s. While each performance features an entirely new line-up, all Red Light shows are composed in equal parts (and near-fatal doses) of barefaced agitprop and bare naked flesh. Cabaret Red Light will remount per-formances from its recent sold out run of their series The Seven Deadly Sins: A Veritable How-To on the Weak-nesses of the Flesh. Celebrating and satirizing the excesses of modern-day culture, The Seven Deadly Sins also in-structs the audience on the little pleasures and inimitable charms of all manners of sinfulness.

January 8 at 10:30pm – Seven Deadly Sins Review, Part II