The Church Bells Were All Broken

September 7, 2016 @ 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Skype Meeting

With Mariangela Saavedra to discuss organization “Casabuena Cultural Productions” and new Fringe Arts piece by Dave Ebersole “The Church Bells All Were Broken”

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Jeff and Melissa are part of the infamous MacArthur family; a Family known to take their religious beliefs to the extreme by picketing funerals with their offensive signs and parodies of pop songs. They take their message of “God hates fags” and “America is doomed” all over the country and even all the way to the Supreme Court. But when Jeff decides to come to terms with his sexuality his whole life changes as he tries to maintain his faith while his family makes him an outcast. Will his sister, who loves him dearly, be able to pull him back into the fold or will she finally see that she is really part of a cult fueled by hate?

A fictitious story inspired by the real Westboro Baptist Church and its members, this new play by Philadelphia Playwright Dave Ebersole, challenges the audience to see all sides of the issues at hand with humor, music, and drama.

All performances are at The Playground Theater in The Adrienne
2030 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

September 16th at 8:00pm
September 18th at 2:00pm
September 22nd at 8:00pm
September 24th at 2:00pm